War Commander Cheats on facebook

War Commander Cheats

Build a powerful army, show no mercy and battle enemies for earth’s remaining resources in the hottest MMORTS war game on Facebook! War Commander is monetized from the sale of resource bundles to increase development and repair regarding structures and units. Both can also become instantly upgraded or repaired to get a higher sum of Breaks. SO we decided to make bot for war commander cheats  so that you will level fast. Get the hottest War Commander Cheats here

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War Commander Cheats Features

  • Add 1,000,000 Metal
  • Add 1,000,000 Oil
  • Get 1,000 FB credits for free
  • Multi Language support
  • Multi Browser Support
  • More Features to be added for next update

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War Commander Cheats Game Information

War Commander may be the latest strategy-combat game in the Backyard Monsters developer. Players take the role of the army commander responsible for building up a bottom with special structures that produce various kinds of army units. These units can end up being organized into attack causes led against other players’ bases or ordered to protect the player’s base from attacks both as the player is online or even offline Like Kixeye’s Battle Pirates, War Commanderallows players to pick and control individual models and and batches associated with units during combat rather than letting the game’s artificial intelligence figure out how units should behave within fights. War Commander, however, does not currently possess real-time combat enabled – even though this feature is planned for future years
Gameplay progression happens across both player degree, which can be elevated by completing structures as well as destroying other players’ angles, and by individual framework levels, which are restricted because they build materials and the amount of the player’s central Commander Middle structure. The primary resources within the game used to construct structures and create fight units are metal as well as oil, both of which need two different structures to gather: a production unit along with a storage unit. To power the production units as well as base defenses like weapons, the player must construct power plants that output a set amount of energy with respect to the building’s level. Combat against other players plus some non-playable character factions can net the ball player additional metal and essential oil, although there are diminishing returns within the amount a player will get for attacking a lower-level participant
In which the game stands out through Kixeye’s other titles as well as comparable titles from additional combat and strategy game developers is within the aggressive, male-oriented design of the overall game. The non-playable computer AI character is really a sexed-up female that moans suggestively once the player clicks certain reactions to her in conversation segments. Defeated enemy units fall into bloody heaps about the battlefield and remain presently there until cleared by flocks associated with crows that eat the actual corpses. Specific enemy units have items of voiced dialogue that perform whenever selected, ranging from bland (“Light ‘em upward! ” – Rocket Launchers) in order to familiar Marine phrases (“This is actually my rifle, this is my gun…” – Large Gunners), to racially charged claims of extremely questionable flavor (“Allahu Ackbar! ” – Suicide Bombers)
As attention-grabbing since the design of  War Commander is, it’s the actual long-term development plans which will add value to both game and the RTS style on Facebook. The key to this genre’s success appears to be in retention and the actual high price players are prepared to pay in Facebook Credit for protection from bullies. Along with synchronous play for any true real-time experience, Kixeye is also including a tournaments system that allows massively multiplayer combat in between players. All of these improvements are planned for the longer term, according to what the actual developer tells us. Just recently, a new feature was put into the game that allows players to manage individual unit behavior for once the player’s base is attacked as the player if offline (at the. g. instructing Flamethrowers to maintain their ground and Skyrocket Launchers to pursue just about all attacking units, etc. )#)
Social features are limited to a speak function, gifting resources between buddies, and attacking both buddies and strangers in participant versus player combat. An alliance feature launching using the tournament and synchronous play enables players to band collectively for larger-scale combat procedures.

War Commanderis monetized with the sale of resource bundles to accelerate development and repair associated with structures and units. Both can also end up being instantly upgraded or repaired for any higher sum of Credit.

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