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Robot Rising is a new Facebook game from Stomp Games, Tencent Boston’s development studio. The title is a sci-fi themed action role-playing game with base-building elements and some impressive 3D polygonal visuals thanks to the game’s use of Unity. WE made a Robot Rising CHeat to meet and get your desired level and items for free. We are releasing a cheat for this game for free. So Download this Tool Only at our site.


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The game initially appears to be somewhat similar to self-professed “hardcore” titles such as Kixeye’s Backyard Monsters, Kabam’s Edgeworld and Digital Chocolate’s Galaxy Life. Players are presented with an isometric-perspective base and are invited to build several structures through a rather hasty and rushed tutorial which fails to explain exactly why the tasks that are being presented are relevant, or what the buildings are actually for. However, before long, the true nature of the game becomes clear: the player is invited to make use of their “teleportal” building to send off one of their robots to collect resources, and play switches from the rather hands-off base-building aspect to a fully-interactive action role-playing game scenario.

While exploring the various facilities to collect resources, players control their robot using the mouse. Clicking anywhere on the ground moves the robot, while clicking on enemies attacks them. Unlike many other similar Facebook games, action in Robot Rising takes place in real time, meaning that the player must repeatedly click (or hold) the mouse button on enemies in order to defeat them — there is no taking turns here. Defeating an enemy rewards the player with resources which may be used to construct further buildings and items back at the base, and also provides the robot with experience points. Players may also acquire resources, consumable items and equipment for their robot through boxes that are scattered around the levels and sometimes dropped by enemies. In a nice touch, the robot changes its appearance noticeably according to what parts it has equipped.

The action role-playing game segment is a real pleasure to play. It is fast-paced, exciting but fair to the player, and rewards skill. It also carries the risk of failure, which is something a lot of Facebook games choose to ignore entirely — though allowing one’s robot to be defeated doesn’t necessarily mean wasted effort. Expending additional energy or hard currency allows the player to pick up where they left off with no further penalty, though given that it costs energy to enter a facility in the first place, it’s entirely possible the player may not be able to do this without paying up.

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