Mojo Dojo: Game Guide

Mojo Dojo: Game Guide Astuces

You just start to play Dojo Mojo the last game from the Publisher Zynga you have done well! here is a quick tour of an overview of the game for you help take it in hand as quickly as possible to end to help you advance but especially this guide you do not make plunder. If you know the Iphone Clash of Clan game you will have no difficulty in understanding the principle of Dojo Mojo. The games are quite similar but Zynga to any similarly add her extra!

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Here are the main element of the game to take into account

  • The Palace: it holds your treasures. Improves it to unlock new buildings. Treasures allow at the moment produce more sushi and more gold. Resources necessary to build the best army and the best village. For the moment, the game has 6 treasures (gold carp, the Emperor helmet, sword of the shogun, ancestral hourglass, hourglass of the guardian).


Walls: for proterger your palate of the looters you must enclose it in wall. Each wall at different levels and will improve thereafter. Plus you have fortified walls more you’ll likely to withstand attacks. Decorations can also block part of the attackers. Be sure to buy regularly.They also allow to guide your opponents to weapons that you’ve placed.

The shield: they allow does not get loot. It is better to invest heavily early in the game to not be attacked by other players. The buy earlier you it faster you can serenely progress during the first weeks

troops Dojo Mojo: for the moment the game has 5 different units the soldiers, akatuhurira, ninjas, thieves, the samourailles. Others are coming soon and you will be able to discover them in before first on

Vessels must be improved.More the level of your boat is high most guests take the fighting troops and increasing your chances of victory. Boats break and you’ll get to the repaired if you lose your fights.

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The altar: allows to summon beasts.They represent the best weapons for you make the maximum chance of victory in a battle. Other beasts on powerful to come and discover them forward first on AstuceClub. So think to become a fan! resources (jade, sushi, gold)

The jade is the equivalent of the ticket. It allows to accelerate the construction or buy more gold or sushi. It is possible to win the Jade by completing missions but also by collecting bonuses on 0 the 1: 1 0.  The sushi and the gold collection on a regular basis every hour. Simply place of gold reserves or place of sushi chefs

Daily gift: another easy way to get more jade free is to recover the gift of the emperor which is located at the top right of the map. More we invite friends to join the game, more daily gift is big. To find friends

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Clan Hall as soon as you have the level you can create clans. The level of the clan hall allows to increase the win bonus but also allows fortify reinforcements troops. You can create your own clan and turn more lazy gamers 1

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