ChefVille: Learn how to get this bar oyster and 15 stars of mastery!

ChefVille: Learn how to get this bar oyster and 15 stars of mastery! Astuces

Do you like travel? Do you like the sea and its coconut? This theme is for you! We are going tomorrow to provide cooking dishes of the luxury super! Exotic dishes of oyster!It is therefore 15 new stars of mastery that will unlock Patience tomorrow morning you should access one of the first! Do not forget to install our game AstuceClub toolbar! It is very convenient and free to continue to grow faster!

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Head shell

Oysters are a delicate ingredient. Better not engage in preparation before you have the certainty that you have what it takes. Retrieve oysters to unlock your recipes

Rewards! 1 Cayenne + 1 lemon + 10 XP

Taste full shell

Oysters, it is delicious alone, but can also add a bit of PEP… A pinch of Cayenne Pepper, it is paradise.

  1. Prepare 5 dishes of oysters baked with the oyster bar
  2. Use 3 bisques in oysters
  3. Place and finish the pot of chili pepper Cayenne use the 1: 1
Rewards; 1 + 1 + 1 bread milk vinegar

Morning fishing

Get more oysters and I will teach you new recipes. Here, a small index: he’ll you have lots of milk.

  1. Have 18 oysters to unlock the dishes of level 2 of the oyster bar
  2. Get 8 additional milk bricks
  3. Maintain 2 times the Cayenne Pepper pot
Awards: 2 Wild + 2 onion sauce spicy + 10 XP

Donuts galore

We are going to prepare oysters fried, Donuts and cream on top. Friendly, non?

  1. Use 8 oysters fried dishes
  2. Prepare 4 dishes of oyster fritters
  3. Prepare 4 sauces Oyster cream
Reward: 1 Oyster + 2 garlic + 1 hot sauce


Okay, it’s time to discover all the delicate tastes of oyster. It is a very refined dishes, you know? These recipes will give you evidence.

  1. Ask 5 baskets of oyster use the 1: 1
  2. Prepare 5 oysters in the shell
  3. Serve 5 oyster sauce mignonette in person
Rewards + 1 + 1 + 1 table of madeline mignonette Sauce cayenne!

ChefVille: Learn how to get this bar oyster and 15 stars of mastery! Tricher
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